Signs of Sinkhole Damage

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Repair Options

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Florida is a wonderful place to live! Unfortunately, one of the problems of living in this fantastic state is the development of sink holes. These mini disasters can happen almost anywhere and at anytime. In most cases, sink holes take some time to develop which allows professionals the time to come in and remediate the situation before any major structural movement occurs. We here at The Sinkhole Group specialize in purchasing and remediation these properties across the state.

Since 1994 we have been in the business of purchasing and repairing properties with significant damage. In February of 2000 we bought our first house with sinkhole damage and after the initial struggle of correcting all the sinkhole problems we began buying nothing but sinkhole properties. Click below to learn more about who we are.
Information relating to sinkholes or sink hole activity is never really easy to find. Here we post links to people that can help such as state agencies, engineers, local contractors, and news stories. We have searched the internet and found the best possible resources for sinkhole information located on the web. Click the button below to see.
Need help with your damaged property? Not sure if you have sink hole activity or not? Been told that your problems are not sinkhole but some other type of damage? Let us help with your problems by putting our experience to work for you. We offer free inspections and site visits. We can find a way to help no matter what your problems are!!
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Also visit Champion Foundation Repair Systems, a Florida foundation repair firm specializing in the correction of sinkhole damage. They perform Compaction Grouting, Underpinning, Pressure Grouting, Slab Jacking & Chemical Injection.